Broadwater Park update

Council Leader Robert Knowles said: Waverley Borough Council, like all local authorities, is required to continually review all possible opportunities for new housing to meet local need.  The site of the former leisure centre at Broadwater Park is one of our few previously developed sites and an assessment of its potential has been undertaken.  However, given the collective desire of our residents to protect our green spaces, we currently have no plans to develop this site for housing."

Local Councillors for Farncombe Ross Welland and Nick Williams and Binscombe Councillor Andrew Wilson commented: "Broadwater is the only major leisure and recreation green space in Farncombe and Binscombe.  As the local Councillors for Farncombe and Binscombe we are very pleased with Waverley's announcement that there are no plans to develop housing on the old leisure centre site.  We look forward to working with stakeholders in the park on a long term management plan for the Park over the coming months.  We believe it is important to have a clear long term plan in place for the Park so that current and future residents of Farncombe and Binscombe can enjoy the leisure and recreation facilities the Park offers."