Farncombe & Godalming Flooding

Farncombe and Godalming residents were affected by the recent flooding, particularly those living in Meadrow, Catteshall and Wey Court.  We feel that it is important that action is taken to see if there is anything that can be done to prevent this happening in the future.  If flooding cannot be prevented entirely, we also want to make sure that the procedures in place to deal with this are the best possible.

Farncombe and Catteshall Waverley Borough Councillors, Nick Williams and Ross Welland, arranged for the Lammas Lands Residents Association to put the issues forward at a meeting chaired by Jeremy Hunt MP.  The meeting included representatives from Surrey, Waverley and Godalming Councils.

The intention is to develop a list of actions that we want teh Environment AGency, Thames Water and the National Trust (the key bodies that control rivers, canals and drainage) to look at to improve the situation.  Whilst flooding was the main issue discussed, other issues such as the recent power cuts also came up so the aim is also to look at what can be done to strengthen the power network for the future.  If you have any suggestions or comments on the flooding or the power network then do let us know.