Cllr Liz Wheatley

Liz is the Deputy Chairman (Finance & Membership) of South West Surrey Conservative Association.

She is also a Waverley Borough Councillor for Godalming Binscombe Ward.

Liz Wheatley has been an extremely pro-active and dedicated member of South West Surrey, serving on both Godalming Town and Waverley Borough Councils since 2007. In addition to such responsibilities, she was elected as Town Mayor in 2012/13, Waverley Mayor in 2014/15, and Chairman of the Town’s Policy and Management Committee in 2013/14, where plans were successfully implemented for the refurbishment of the Wilfrid Noyce Centre and the Neighbourhood Plan.   

Since 2015, Liz continues to positively contribute to the local jurisdiction, Vice Chairing Waverley’s O&S Committee and Wellbeing, contributing significantly to the in-depth review of health inequalities in the Borough and Chaired Godalming’s Joint Burial Committee.