Cllr Martin Lear

Martin is a Waverley Borough Councillor for Farnham Bourne Ward. 

Martin Lear and Carole Cockburn have represented the Bourne for several years, forming a strong and efficient team motivated to protecting and enhancing the special nature of their ward. To engage with the community further, they have been joined this year by Simon Foale, another proactive and dedicated member of the Bourne, who served as a Councillor and recently moved to the local area, playing a fundamental role on Farnham Town Council.

All these candidates go above and beyond expectations to help their community, with Martin having a young family and heavily involved in an array of local activities, most notable relating to sport. Furthermore, Carole’s children and grandchildren also live in the Bourne, often doing the school run, with both candidates having a robust appreciation of the pressure on young families.

All three candidates take a pragmatic interest in local planning matters and consistently work hard to ensure that new developments do not adversely affect the semi-rural character of the Bourne. They are all well versed and enthusiastic advocates of environmental awareness and protection, taking part in regular litter picks and community enhancement projects both locally or in the town centre, realising the increasing awareness and concern for our planet.