Residents Surveys

We are seeking your views on a range of issues that effect residents and our local community.  Currently, we are running three surveys for different areas of the constituency and we would be grateful for your thoughts and input!  Please click on one of the links to the left.

Milford Survey January 2020

  • 1 Current: Our Council and Community
  • 2 Policing and Social Behaviour
  • 3 Neighbourhood Plan and Parking
  • 4 Voting
  • 5 Get involved
  • 6 Your details
Do you believe that the current independent led Borough Council is managing the Council’s finances well?
Do you object to the independent-led Borough Council spending £40,000 on a study to build housing on the current site of the Council offices including the adjoining playing fields and Godalming Library?
We want to ensure that the Council supports local community events in Milford? Do you agree that this is a good use of resources by the Council?